Музыкотерапия. Повышение потенции (2011)

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Музыкотерапия. Повышение потенции (2011)


Сообщение swr4 » 29 июл 2011, 13:08


Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: Музыкотерапия. Повышение потенции
Дата выхода: 2011
Жанр: Instrumental, Саксофон
Кол-во треков: 100
Время звучания: 400 Min
Формат | Качество: mp3 | 320 kbs
Размер файла: 911 MB

Скрытый текст:
01.Harlem Nocturne - Sil Austin
02.Autumm Leaves - S.Preux
03.Abrazamei - F.Papetti
04.Lady in Red - Kenny G
05.Long Road In Dunes - R. Pauls Orc.
06.Strangers In Paradise - F.Papetti
07.Killing My Softly With His Song - Fugees
08.Careless Whisper - Brancaster Studio Orchestra
09.Aranjuez Mon Amour - F.Papetti
10.Shadow of Your Smile - Gerry Mulligan
11.Lost Without You - Eric Marienthal
12.Adajio Di Albioni - F.Papetti
13.My Heart Will Go On - Kenny G
14.Nostalgia - Igor Butman
15.I will always love you - F.Papetti
16.Glow - Kirk Whalum
17.I Love You - G.Melligan
18.You don't know how much you can suffer - J.Morks
19.Emanuelle - F.Papetti
20.Ambiente - Candy Dulfer
21.Forbidden Games - Jan Morks
22.Are you lonesome tonight - A.Moss
23.Last Night Of The Year - Kenny G
24.Aet Theme - Iveria
25.Yesterdays - Peter Schlperoort Quintet
26.Waltz for David - Kirk Whalum
27.Un homme et une femme - F.Papetti
28.In a sentimental mood - Ronnie Cuber
29.Love me - Incognito sax band
30.Feelings - F.Papetti
31.Last Dance - Elan Trotman
32.Love Story - F.Papetti
33.Blue Star - Benny Carter
34.Body And Soul - Coleman Hawkins
35.Small Flower - F.Papetti
36.Laura - A.Burton
37.Ocean Front - Eric Marienthal
38.Only You - G.Saxon
39.Strangers in the night - F.Papetti
40.Sunrise - Candy Dulfer
41.Cancion De Amor - Elan Trotman
42.I Just Called To Say I Love You - F.Papetti
43.Don't wanna know - M.Meadows
44.Bliss 2 This - Candy Dulfer
45.My funny Valentine - Ben Webster
46.Godfather - F.Papetti
47.Let It Be - Incognito Sax Band
48.Maria Elena - Gil Ventura
49.Anything You Need - Candy Dulfer
50.Vals Oxany - Igor Butman
51.Tears in heaven - J.Redman
52.Theme from Paradise - F.Papetti
53.Ocean breeze - Kenny G
54.Moonlight Sax Medley - B.Smith
55.Auche Un Uomo - B.Smith
56.Summertime - Sil Austin
57.Eternamente - F.Papetti
58.I Left My Heart In San Francisco - Sil Austin
59.Sleepy Shores - F.Papetti
60.Fever Tenor Sax - Incognito sax band
61.Pink panter theme - Henri Mancini
62.Havana - Kenny G
63.Midnight in Manhatten - Peter White
64.Groverworked & underpaid - K.Whalum
65.Just Around The Corner - Eric Marienthal
66.Playing with fire - K.Whalum
67.Dance With Me - Eric Marienthal
68.Rock the boat - Streetwize
69.Orfeo Negro - S.Blue
70.Spanish Rose - Ed Calle
71.Tales of a gypsy - M.Meadows
72.Lily Was Here - Candy Dafler & Dave Stewart
73.Now till forever - K.Whalum
74.Blue Water - Eric Marienthal
75.Can't stop the rain - Kirk Whalum
76.Spanish nights - Kenny G
77.Still I Love You - Candy Dulfer
78.Flava - M.Meadows
79.I will trust in the lord - K.Whalum
80.Come Dentro Un Film - F.Papetti
81.Don't Go - Candy Dulfer
82.Is That You - Marion Meadows
83.It wasn't me - Streetwize
84.Let's Go - Kenny G
85.Dicitencello Vuje - F.Papetti
86.Moonlight Theme - B.Smith
87.Movin'on - P.Taylor
88.Mystica - G.Barbieri
89.Nancy (With The Laughing Face) - James Moody
90.Girl - F.Papetti
91.Malibu dreams - Kenny G
92.Oda Al Vino - Candy Dulfer
93..Solitude - Ben Webster
94.Picasso - Coleman Hawkins
95.Natali - F.Papetti
96.Under a blanket of blue - B.Webster
97.Unchained Melody - S.Austin
98.Treasures - Marion Meadows
99.Three Times a Lady - Claus VanMechelen
100.Only The Lonely - James Moody

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